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Collect, track, visualise and manage your sensor data in one place – at any scale.

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It’s simple to collect and store your sensor data. Easy set-up. No headaches

Install the HG agent or send your data to us via your favourite programming language or library. Get up and running in minutes.


View your sensor data on beautiful dashboards in real-time

For meaningful insight, we organize your metrics with advanced data views and filtering.


Get notified for events that need action

Our advanced alerting lets you know when your metrics stop reporting or show unexpected behaviour. Notify your team via PagerDuty, Slack, Email, Webhooks and more. Track incidents with a full alert history.


APIs keep you in control.

From alerting rules, to sending annotations for events, to editing your dashboards and controlling specific aggregation rules, everything we offer can be modified and automated.


Share dashboards easily with the rest of your team.

Share real-time graphs and dashboards with your team, or control access with granular dashboard permissions. Centralised team management with Single Sign On (SSO) via SAML is supported.

“These days, we all have lots of challenges, whether technical or not. Offloading metrics to Hosted Graphite frees up our time to spend on other important things.”

Maxime Audet, Coveo

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Your personal data is protected.

For details, view our Privacy Policy.