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# What do we do?

What is Hosted Graphite?

Hosted Graphite is a monitoring service for development teams who run applications at scale.

We take the data produced by your apps and servers, visualize it on graphs, then let you act upon the data provided by beautiful Grafana dashboards.

Send data via StatsD or use your Amazon Cloudwatch Metrics to create curated, meaningful dashboards.

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# Customers like us

We treat our customers like friends.

"Major Props to @hostedgraphite. They are affordable, their support is always *super* responsive & helpful, and they just added Grafana"

Martin Cozzi

"@HostedGraphite customer service is just pure joy. Great work!"

Andrei Serdeliuc

"Metrics! We want more metrics! Just subscribed to @HostedGraphite to store our thousands of metrics"

Pascal Soucy

"Love metrics? punt them up to Hosted Graphite!"

Richard Shaw
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# Language Agnostic

We support multiple languages.

When it comes to programming languages, we don't have favourites. We have a wide range of plugins, sample code, and client libraries including Ruby, Python, PHP, .NET and Java.

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# Metrics

Let us take care of your metrics.

Send your data to us via your favourite programming language or library. We will organize your metrics with advanced data views and filtering.

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# Graphs & Dashboards

Visualize your data.

Detailed, interactive graphs and Dashboards with high resolution data that gives you quick answers about your technology.

Get answers from your data.

# Collaborate

Invite your team members.

Two heads are better than one - invite colleagues so you can collaborate and control access by limiting individual users to read-only views.

Data is worth sharing - get started!

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# Benefits & Features

We help you get answers from your technology.

Graphs & Dashboards

Standard Grafana, Hosted Graphite and Tasseo dashboard right out of the box. All plans come with these dashboards.

Language Agnostic

We don't have favourites. We have a wide range of plugins, sample code, and client libraries including Ruby, Python, PHP, .NET and Java. Amazon Cloudwatch Monitoring with automated dashboards.

Team Collaboration

Invite your co-workers so you can share dashboards, and let them collaborate or limit users to read-only access.

Live Support

We take support very seriously, and are here to help with any queries you might have. We work hard to keep you happy! See what our customers say.

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# Partners

Available on your favourite providers.

# Word on the street

Hear what our customers are saying...

@HostedGraphite Thanks for the super fast reply, great support!

  Matthew Moore

Thank you @HostedGraphite, you made me and my team look really good.

  Justin Self

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# Pricing

All plans come with high-resolution data.

  • Custom Retention
  • 5s Resolution
  • Millions of Metrics
  • Unlimited Team Users
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$599 / mo
  • 2 Year Retention
  • 5s Resolution
  • 30,000 Metrics
  • 15+ Team Users
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$99 / mo
  • 2 Year Retention
  • 5s Resolution
  • 5,000 Metrics
  • 5 Team Users
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$19 / mo
  • 2 Year Retention
  • 5s Resolution
  • 100 Metrics
  • 2 team users
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These price plans don't suit you? Check out our smaller plans.

All of our plans come with high resolution data, redundant storage, team access, Grafana dashboards, custom data views, Hosted StatsD, and plenty of useful integrations.

Enterprise Graphite - Need more metrics? We provide bulk discounts for larger customers.
We have customers sending us tens of millions of metrics, and growing every day.
We are happy to discuss a custom plan for your needs, no matter how large.

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