Privacy policy

1. Data We Collect

Personal Data

Anything that could be used to identify you as an individual is personal data. We try to only collect only as much of your personal data as we need to. We collect this information directly from you when you sign up for Hosted Graphite or contact us for support. We also receive personal data from our partners, such as when a customer signs up for Hosted Graphite through another agent, or if the data is publicly available.

We collect two types of personal data from our customers:

  1. Contact details: names, email addresses, addresses, company affiliation, and other things that might help us communicate with you.
  2. IP addresses.

Other Data

Any data that is not personal data is classed as other data. We collect a lot more types of other data than personal data, so to list them all would be time-consuming, but here are a few:

  1. Cookie and Tracking technology data: we may use cookie and tracking technology depending on the features offered. Cookie and tracking technology are useful for gathering information such as browser type and operating system, tracking the number of visitors to the Site, and understanding how visitors use the Site. Cookies can also help customize the Site for visitors. Personal information cannot be collected via cookies and other tracking technology, however, if you previously provided personally identifiable information, they may be tied to such information. Aggregate cookie and tracking information may be shared with third parties.
  2. Company data: such as a company’s structure, product and service offerings, jurisdiction, and other information we might need to craft a plan for service or do business.
  3. Transaction data: such as purchase amount, and date of purchase. NB: if you are paying through Stripe or Heroku, those payments are processed directly by the third party providers. We don’t take or keep payment details beyond those we need to apply payments to the relevant accounts.
  4. Metrics: of course, we also collect all of the data that you choose to send us.

2. How We Use Data

Personal Data

Hosted Graphite uses personal data for many purposes, including:

  1. To provide our service;
  2. To respond to our customers, send service notices and provide customer support;
  3. To process payments;
  4. To develop new products;
  5. To send marketing communications;
  6. To improve and change our systems, and;
  7. To conduct aggregate analysis and develop business intelligence that enables us to operate, protect, and make informed decisions about our business.

Other Data

We use other data for a broad range of purposes, all having to do with the provision and development of our service. It would be impractical to list all of them here, but if you have any questions, get in touch.

3. How We Disclose Data

Hosted Graphite does not and will never attempt to sell your personal data to marketers or unaffiliated third parties. We will never provide your information to third parties for marketing purposes, unless they are a processor or subprocessor of our own marketing team. We may, however, share it with trusted third parties, including:

  1. To our service providers: we share your data with the providers that help us run our business and organise and structure communications with our customers, such as when we receive a support request.
  2. To Users: We may share data with users in team environments when answering support requests about an account associated with the team.
  3. To Authorised Third Parties: We share data with parties directly authorised by a user to receive data, such as when a user authorizes a third party application provider to send them alerts according to one of our integrations.
  4. Safety, Legal Purposes and Law Enforcement: We may share information with governmental agencies or other companies assisting us in fraud prevention or investigation. We will never do so without a solid legal basis.

4. Security

Your personally identifiable information is kept secure. Only authorized employees, agents and contractors have access to this information.

5. Advertising

Hosted Graphite will not email you without your permission. All communication from us will allow you to opt out of further mailings - we hate unwanted emails just as much as you do.

6. Choice and Access

You have choices regarding what we do with your personal data:

  1. Opting out of email communications: You can opt out of future email communications from us at any time, by clicking the unsubscribe link.
  2. How to exercise your data rights: You have the right to the access, review, correction, and deletion of your personal data. You can exercise those rights yourself, by logging into your Hosted Graphite account and updating the information directly, or by contacting us using the information below.

7. Retention Period

We will retain personal data only for the period required to provide you with our service, unless a longer period is required or permitted by law. For example, this is the case with respect to payment details: while we don’t process details like your card number, we will be required by law to retain information about the payment in our systems for accounting purposes, such as the account associated with it.

8. Jurisdiction and Cross-Border Transfer

Hosted Graphite provides a service to customers all over the world. While the data centres we use are located within the EU, our operations use service providers that may process your data outside its borders. Where this happens, we’ll take measures to ensure that these transfers comply with applicable data protections laws, notably the GDPR and Privacy Shield, and that your data stays protected.

9. Hosted Graphite as a Data Processor

Where Hosted Graphite is a data processor, we will process personal data according to the terms laid out in our Data Protection Agreement. This means no surprises and complete control: we’ll do only what we need to do to process and keep your data the way you want it to be kept.

10. Updates to This Policy and Notification

We might change this policy - updates will always be posted here.

11. Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about this privacy policy, you can contact us using the information below. Any questions, comments or concerns directly related to the GDPR or Privacy Shield can be addressed to

Got a question or query? Click on the chat bubble to start a conversation with a knowledgeable member of our staff.