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# Pricing

All plans come with high-resolution data.

  • Custom Retention
  • 5s Resolution
  • Unlimited Alerts
  • Millions of Metrics
  • Unlimited Team Users
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$599 / mo
  • 2 Year Retention
  • 5s Resolution
  • 150 Alerts
  • 30,000 Metrics
  • 15+ Team Users
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$99 / mo
  • 2 Year Retention
  • 5s Resolution
  • 30 Alerts
  • 5,000 Metrics
  • 5 Team Users
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$19 / mo
  • 2 Year Retention
  • 5s Resolution
  • 3 Alerts
  • 100 Metrics
  • 2 team users
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These price plans don't suit you? Check out our smaller plans.

All of our plans come with alerting, high resolution data, redundant storage, team access, Grafana dashboards, custom data views, Hosted StatsD, and plenty of useful integrations.

Enterprise Graphite - Need more metrics? We provide bulk discounts for larger customers.
We have customers sending us tens of millions of metrics, and growing every day.
We are happy to discuss a custom plan for your needs, no matter how large.

Contact us at sales@hostedgraphite.com.

# Frequently asked questions

Got questions? Let us help...

What does the free trial include?

When you sign up for a free trial, you get a full test of Hosted Graphite for 14 days including Team accounts, Grafana, Tasseo, and Graphite Dashboards, and Hosted StatsD.

Can I used Hosted StatsD on the trial?

Absolutely! Look at the "Data sources" tab in the Hosted Graphite application to get started.

Can I invite friends and collegues to use the account?

Yes! We include 5 team users on the trial account, if you need more just ask and we're happy to help.

How many metrics can I collect?

We have a soft limit of 1,000 metrics on the trial account - if you need more, please just let us know.

How long does it take for metrics to arrive?

It takes about a minutes for your first metric data to be available for graphing once it's received. Subsequent data is added to your account straight away.

How can I get help if I have questions?

We've got a support link directly in the app, and every question is answered by someone who knows their stuff. We do our very best to answer quickly.

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