Enterprise Grade Cloud Monitoring

Monitoring, graphing, and alerting at any scale.


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Metrics at scale

Millions of metrics? We’ve got you covered. We collect and process billions of datapoints every day, with SLAs that keep your business running smoothly.

Alerts for events that need action

Get alert notifications instantly when your metrics stop reporting or show unexpected behaviour – get notified via PagerDuty, VictorOps, HipChat, Slack, Email, Webhooks and more. Track incidents with a full alert history.

Enterprise authentication and authorization

Collaborate and share with your team, or control access with granular dashboard permissions. Hide or share specific dashboards from individual users or teams or verify access using Active Directory. Centralised team management with Single Sign On (SSO) via SAML is supported.

Concierge setup and dedicated support

Our deeply technical support is on hand to get your dashboards looking the way you want, ensure your data is going to the right places, and make sure you are getting answers from your data.

Secure transmission

TLS-encrypted endpoints for our data interfaces.

Data expiry

Use simple rules to clear out data you don't need to keep forever.

We provide an adaptable pricing model to suit you

How is our invoice calculated?

We support metered billing for when you have periods of increased usage or banded pricing for predictable costs.

I use a lot of autoscaled VMs and a lot of my data is transient - how is that handled?

We discount heavily on short-used metrics so that you pay a fair price for the data used.

Can you do monthly invoices?

We're happy to accept payment via bank transfer or credit card.


Can we set up a large trial?

We're happy to set up a larger trial to let you get a fair evaluation of what we can do.

Will you sign an NDA?

Of course, we're happy to.

Can I get my data back from Hosted Graphite?

Yes. We can do regular backups to an S3 bucket you own, or we offer an on-demand export when you need it. We believe in you still owning your own data - everything we do is geared toward automation and control with our APIs.

Do you have an SLA?

Yes. We have a standard SLA for larger accounts with external monitoring, get in touch through the chat bubble to hear more details.

How much data can you handle?

We have customers sending millions of metrics, and we handle billions of datapoints a day.

Can you mirror my existing setup?

Yes, we encourage you to run Hosted Graphite side-by-side with your existing setup and compare. We're confident you will be happy with the result.

Got a question that we haven’t answered here? Get in touch with us through the chat bubble to start a conversation with a member of our knowledgeable staff.