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September 6, 2017

We’ve supported syncing your metrics from Kinesis Streams, Amazon’s streaming data platform, for several years. Kinesis Streams helps you gather and process streaming data which can then be monitored in your Hosted Graphite account. Recently, we’ve added support for Firehose, a fully managed and scalable service that allows users to stream data to destinations like Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Redshift, or Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES).

Writing applications or managing resources isn’t necessary with Firehose. Once your data is configured to send to Firehose, it automatically delivers the data to your chosen destination. It’s also possible to configure Kinesis Firehose to transform your data before data delivery. Whereas Kinesis Streams depends on manual scaling and provisioning as your data grows, Firehose is fully managed so it automatically scales as needed. Automatic scaling happens up to gigabytes per second, and batches, encrypts and compresses for increased security and to minimize the amount of storage used at the destination.

Real-time interactive views in Hosted Graphite

Adding Hosted Graphite gives you a real-time, interactive view of your Firehose performance metrics with the ability to see automated dashboards and send annotations of important events. We offer curated dashboards to make the data immediately useful and you can share these with your team, or invite them to view and edit dashboards.   Additionally, with Hosted Graphite’s advanced alerting you can define alerts for unusual events, for example if your streams have a spike in traffic. Whatever way you’re notified, for deeper context you can overlay automatic alert annotations on your historic graphs.  

A screenshot of Hosted Graphite's Add-Ons page with a red box around the AWS panel

If you’re already a Hosted Graphite customer, you can start monitoring your Amazon infrastructure immediately - once you set up the AWS add-on, your metrics from every supported AWS service will automatically be collected in your Hosted Graphite account. All you need to do is give us the access key for a read-only IAM user and tell us which services to monitor. Read more about monitoring your AWS services or view the getting started guide.  

More information:

Amazon Kinesis Firehose product page


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