Installing the HG Heroku Monitoring & Dashboards Add-on. 


Installing the HG Heroku Monitoring & Dashboards Add-on. 

A screenshot of Hosted Graphite's automated Heroku Dashboard.

HG or HostedGraphite provides a complete infrastructure and application monitoring platform from a suite of open source monitoring tools. Depending on the setup, you can choose between Hosted Prometheus or Graphite and view all required metrics on beautiful Grafana dashboards in real-time. HostedGraphite offers a wide range of tools, add-ons, and plugins which make it possible to measure, analyze, and visualize large amounts of data about your applications with ease. 

Install the HG Heroku Monitoring & Dashboards add-on in your Heroku App and once inside the platform add-on head to Dashboards and select Import dashboard. 

A screenshot in the Hosted Graphite application page pointing where to access Grafana in the Dashboards tab
A screenshot in Grafana with an arrow pointing to the import feature when creating a new dashboard

Then download this json file, and import it into the dashboard. Your Heroku Monitoring Dashboard should load right away!

A screenshot in Grafana's import feature with an arrow pointing to 'Upload .json file' when importing a already made dashboard
A screenshot of a Heroku dashboard after the .json file has been imported into Grafana

If you want to learn more about how to use this add-on with your Heroku app  book a demo with one of our engineers 

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