Installing the Hosted Graphite Heroku Monitoring & Dashboards Add-on.


Installing the HG Heroku Monitoring & Dashboards Add-on. 

A screenshot of Hosted Graphite's automated Heroku Dashboard.

Hosted Graphite (HG) provides a complete infrastructure and application monitoring platform from a suite of open-source monitoring tools. You can use Graphite and view all required metrics on beautiful Grafana dashboards in real time. Hosted Graphite offers a wide range of tools, add-ons, and plugins, making it easy to measure, analyze, and visualize large amounts of data about your applications. 

Configuring the Heroku Hosted Graphite Add-On

Hosted Graphite is a robust data storage backend that allows you to build custom dashboards and alerts from your data. Hosted Graphite manages a service that parses through your Heroku log-drain output, converts the data to the Graphite format, and forwards them to your Hosted Graphite account. You can then use these Graphite metrics to build custom dashboards and alerts. Additionally, you can store more than just Heroku metrics which can give you visibility into multiple layers of your infrastructure under a single pane of glass.

Heroku has an add-on for Hosted Graphite that can easily be enabled through the Heroku UI, or from a similar command from within the Heroku CLI:

heroku addons:add hostedgraphite -a <app-name>

Once the Hosted Graphite add-on is provisioned (default plan is Intro), you can navigate to your account from within the Heroku UI:

Install the HG Heroku Monitoring & Dashboards add-on in your Heroku App and once inside the platform add-on head to Dashboards and select Import dashboard. 

A screenshot in the Hosted Graphite application page pointing where to access Grafana in the Dashboards tab
A screenshot in Grafana with an arrow pointing to the import feature when creating a new dashboard

Then download this json file, and import it into the dashboard. Your Heroku Monitoring Dashboard should load right away!

A screenshot in Grafana's import feature with an arrow pointing to 'Upload .json file' when importing a already made dashboard
A screenshot of a Heroku dashboard after the .json file has been imported into Grafana

If you want to learn more about how to use this add-on with your Heroku app  book a demo with one of our engineers 

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