Hosted Graphite now integrates with Papertrail

August 30, 2017

We're happy to announce a new integration with Papertrail, the widely used hosted log management service. Papertrail allows you to manage logs from apps, servers, cloud services, and shows you important log messages, in real time. Our integration lets you view metrics about important system and application log messages on your Hosted Graphite graphs and dashboards. For example, a Papertrail alert that watches for a failed deploy would be useful when viewed alongside changes to your metrics in Hosted Graphite.

How it works

When the Hosted Graphite integration is configured for an alert in Papertrail, all new triggers for that alert will be recorded in Hosted Graphite under the metric (as it's been defined in Papertrail). How often these notifications are sent vary—they can happen every minute, every ten minutes, every hour, or every day, and only occur if Papertrail gets new matches for a particular search. 

Setting up Hosted Graphite’s Papertrail integration

It doesn't take long to get data from Papertrail into Hosted Graphite. Follow the steps below to get connected:

Start by creating an alert in your Papertrail account. Save a search, then attach an alert:

1. In Events, search for the logs which Papertrail should alert on. Once the matches are set (which are important for this alert), click Save Search.

A screenshot of PaperTrail's search bar with


2. Attach an alert. Give the new saved search a name, and click Save & Setup an Alert

A screenshot of PaperTrail's

Existing search: to add an alert to an existing saved search, visit the Dashboard, click the pencil icon on the saved search, then scroll down to Create an Alert.

A screenshot of PapertTrail's

Papertrail settings

From your Hosted Graphite account, copy the API Key. Enter a Metric name, using the recommended format. In Hosted Graphite, the metric name will appear with the sender name appended to it, so that counts can be analyzed per-sender.

A screenshot of Hosted Graphite api-key and alert conditions set in PaperTrail

Hosted Graphite settings

Because Papertrail is sending a count of events (counter metric), use the sum data view to see an accurate visualization in Hosted Graphite Grafana graphs.

A screenshot of Hosted Graphite's data view options highlighting 'sum'

That’s it! Once you’re set up, your metrics about logs will be sent to Hosted Graphite if they match important searches. These log metrics are then available to view on your Hosted Graphite dashboards.

More information:

Ciarán Finn

Technical Lead at Hosted Graphite.

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