Hosted Graphite's Alerting now integrates with OpsGenie!

March 30, 2017

TL;DR: Hosted Graphite's alerting feature now integrates with OpsGenie, including auto-resolving incidents according to the alerting rules.

Hosted Graphite's alerting feature continues to sprout new functionality - we just launched the ability to send notifications of infrastructure problems straight to your on-call engineering team via OpsGenie.

If you're not familiar with OpsGenie, here's how they describe their service: "OpsGenie is an incident management solution for dev & ops teams, providing on-call schedule management, escalations and alerting via email, SMS, phone and mobile push notifications."

Here's what the integration of our two complementary services looks like in the OpsGenie UI:

A screenshot of OpsGenie UI with the implementation of Hosted Graphite

Automatic incident resolution

Being notified of a problem is one thing, but once the incident has been dealt with you'll often need to manually mark the incident as 'resolved'. If you're using Hosted Graphite and OpsGenie, this step is unnecessary because you can have your Hosted Graphite alerts automatically close your OpsGenie incident:

A screenshot of Hosted Graphite's OpsGenie Add On settings

This saves you time and frustration, not only for incidents that require a lot of attention but for those inevitable quick blips that resolve themselves after a few minutes, perhaps after a brief network interruption. In those cases, having Hosted Graphite resolve an OpsGenie incident automatically reduces frustration because your responding engineer will see the incident is no longer open, sometimes before they've even managed to get back to their keyboard.

For longer incidents, it is incredibly helpful to have your monitoring tell your ops team when everything is OK again, rather than having to check the state of the alerts and manually resolve your OpsGenie incidents. This approach lowers stress, ("Whew, all resolved!") reduces confusion ("What's the state of this incident right now?") and saves time for everyone.

Setting up Hosted Graphite and OpsGenie

Setting it up involves just three steps:

1. In your OpsGenie account, find the Hosted Graphite integration. Copy the API key, and click 'save integration'

Don't forget to click the 'Save integration' button! (and don't worry, the example key in the gif has been deactivated)

2. In your Hosted Graphite account, add a new Notification Channel for OpsGenie:

3. Configure an alert to use the new OpsGenie Notification Channel:

That's it! The next time a Hosted Graphite alert fires, OpsGenie will know about it seconds later and start notifying your team according to the schedules you've set up and the notification preferences of your team. When Hosted Graphite's monitoring detects that your alert is in a healthy state again, the incident will be automatically resolved in OpsGenie.

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