Heroku Server Monitoring

November 12, 2020

Server Monitoring on Heroku

Heroku server monitoring can be a big challenge as the default Heroku metrics aren’t usually enough to get you real visibility into your system. You need to watch the performance of your application, dynos, systems, overarching infrastructure, and even some tools such as CircleCI. 

It’s a good idea to do your Heroku server monitoring with a tool that can import metrics from all over your system. You can find the HG Heroku monitoring addon directly in the Heroku addon market, and it’s the perfect fit for server monitoring on Heroku. Not only can you do server monitoring, but you can pull in custom metrics from every other part of your app, and see everything on a single pane of glass. 

HG Heroku monitoring is primarily a server monitoring tool, but it has the ability to pull in custom metrics from any part of your system. It’s built on the open source Graphite, Prometheus and Grafana, so you can customize and adjust it to your needs easily. HG Heroku monitoring brings these open source tools to a convenient server monitoring tool on Heroku.

WIth HG Heroku monitoring, not only can you monitor Heroku apps, you can also pull in AWS cloudwatch metrics. You can see everything that’s important to you in one place, regardless of if it’s a Heroku metric or not. 

HG Heroku monitoring also automatically builds default Heroku dashboards for you, that are visible immediately when you get into the app. Check it out:

Screenshot of Hosted Graphite's auto generated Heroku Dashboard

What is Hosted Graphite?

Graphite is an open source monitoring tool for enterprises. Using this tool, you can monitor servers, websites, applications, and more. If you have ever used an open-source tool, you will know that there is a steep learning curve. 

Although vanilla Graphite is free, it is not easy to set up and start to use it. Maintenance can also be a big challenge since there is no dedicated support. Using Hosted Graphite means that you have a team of experts that take care of burdens while you are focusing on more important tasks.

Using HG Heroku monitoring makes server monitoring on Heroku even easier. See your Heroku server monitoring metrics immediately on your default dashboards! 

What is Heroku?

Heroku is a cloud platform that allows users to build, monitor, and scale their apps. On its web-based console, you can conveniently develop and manage your apps. Installing Graphite on Heroku is a great way to utilize both solutions for your monitoring tasks.

Graphite and Heroku in Action

On Heroku, you can install an external addon like HG Heroku addon using its console or on CLI. The integration process is straightforward and simple. Once you finish adding Graphite, you can see the intuitive dashboard as below.

Screenshot of a ueser's main when logging into Hosted Graphite

On the left pane, you can find well designed menu compositions. You can build powerful Heroku server monitoring statistics in the Metrics tab. If you want to stay up-to-date with the performance of your servers, you can use Alerts. Agents lets you easily bring metrics into HG Heroku monitoring

Within HG Heroku monitoring, you can add many more apps to boost monitoring capabilities. If you look at the right bottom corner, you can contact the Hosted Graphite team using the chat feature and get your questions answered. Our response time is just 5 minutes!

Easy Heroku Server Monitoring with Great Dashboards

With HG Heroku monitoring, you can have a beautiful dashboard that shows various metrics on your server. You can build your own graphs and charts to build an insightful dashboard. Since you can add various stats on a single page, you don’t have to navigate through different tabs or menus to find information you want.

Screenshot of a customer built Heroku Dashaboard

You can add metrics such as HTTP success counts, HTTP error client counts, HTTP server error counts, HTTP request counts by method, and many more.

Alerting Control

You cannot keep looking at your dashboard for monitoring. Alerting control is important for users to focus on urgent matters. In HG Heroku Monitoring’s alerting menu, you can define detailed rules and channels. You can set a certain threshold and status to send out alerts. Plus, in the channels menu, users can decide recipients, alert content types, and delivery method. Using these controls, you will not miss any critical issues and get ahead of the game.

Final thoughts

HG Heroku monitoring provides convenient features to run your entire Heroku server monitoring. Because Graphite is an open-source app, getting expert support can be a big relief for your monitoring journey. Hosted Graphite provides hosted services and expertise to major global companies such as Salesforce, Accenture, Nielsen, and many more. 

With the company’s hosted Graphite solution, you can maximize your monitoring efficiency and minimize maintenance burdens. You can use their product with simple configuration to gain in-depth insight into your server environments. If you would like to learn more about it, get on to our listing and install the addon!

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