Heroku Enterprise Monitoring

November 10, 2020

Heroku Enterprise Monitoring

Heroku Enterprise is known to combine the developer experience of Heroku and its platform features with the expert management capabilities and governance one might need in an organization. 

Heroku Enterprise Accounts facilitates the features of unified administration and accountability across all of the Enterprise Teams of an organization. Monitoring your Heroku Enterprise application is vital to spot issues in advance, and proactively respond to any incident in a swift manner. 

To monitor your Heroku application, you can use HG Heroku monitoring.

A screenshot of a Hosted Graphite dashboard used to monitor Heroking a Heroku application.

Hosted Graphite allows you to easily monitor the Heroku App with the usage of a Heroku Plugin called Hosted Graphite. Visit the Hosted Graphite add on page right now and start monitoring your Heroku app with one click. 

Heroku Enterprise is characterized by its high control, collaboration, and compliance, and it is equipped with a plethora of features. Some of its top features include:

  • Support for modern open-source languages:  It allows running multiple languages from the same platform. People can opt to run Java, Clojure, Scala, Go, PHP, Python, Node, and Ruby on it, as per their application requirements.
  • Smart containers and elastic runtime: The Heroku Enterprise apps run in dynos. These smart containers are a part of an elastic runtime platform that is known to provide the services of logging, security, load balancing, orchestration, and so on.
  • Easy vertical and horizontal scalability: Heroku Enterprise tends to run some of the most demanding and highest traffic applications available in the world. It has the capacity to scale applications with extreme ease, in just a single click and with zero downtime.
  • Developed for continuous integration and delivery: You can easily deploy from GitHub, Git or Docker with the usage of an API. To enjoy consistent and automated application delivery, you simply have to plug into the popular platforms available for CI systems and servers.
  • Major platform tools and services ecosystem: You get the chance to develop applications with add-ons, jumpstart projects with Buttons, as well as tailor language stacks with Buildpacks, from the innovative and cutting-edge Heroku Elements marketplace.

Cloud platforms like Heroku have made it extremely easy to host applications. You just have to upload your code, and they deploy it on your behalf. 

The monitoring of Heroku applications is also extremely easy and hassle-free, as this platform provides you with complete observability over your apps. You can access various vital metrics with an increased ease, including HTTP requests, logs, CPU and RAM usage, as well as runtime metrics with the help of a variety of logging and debugging tools. These tools may include Heroku Dashboard, Logplex, and in-dyno remote debugging. 

It’s typically required to extend your monitoring capabilities through discerning third-party add-ons, like HostedGraphite. Hosted Graphite is among the best tools available to monitor the performance of your software and servers. In addition to Heroku, you can even monitor your Kubernetes through your HG Heroku monitoring add-on.

In order to monitor Heroku through Hosted Graphite, you first have to install this add-on. This add-on can be installed easily by issuing a simple command. Subsequent to its installation, a new application configuration key shall be made available, which is called HOSTEDGRAPHITE_APIKEY. You need to confirm this key with the usage of another relevant command.  Further details about how to go about this process can be found out through the Hosted Graphite website.

A screenshot of querying metrics in a Hosted Graphite dashboard.

A screenshot of a custom made Hosted Graphite dashboard monitoring a Heroku application.

Originally founded in 2012 in Dublin, Hosted Graphite has come a long way over the years. This company was originally branded as “Hosted Graphite”, and used to provide the services of Hosted Graphite and StatsD. Currently, through this company, you can also avail Hosted Grafana and Prometheus tools. The Hosted Graphite platform runs on-premise and on-cloud, and provides for a suite of open source monitoring tools. Sign up for a free trial to get a better insight into their services. 

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