Heroku App Monitoring

November 17, 2020

You have successfully brought your app into the market and your customers have started to use it. You made the delivery part right, but now you need to monitor a bunch of stuff to make sure your app is working well. 

The HG Heroku monitoring is an addon available directly in the Heroku marketplace, and it completely runs your Heroku App Monitoring. The HG Heroku monitoring tool is built on hosted Graphite, Prometheus, and Grafana, so it provides powerful and extensive features for your monitoring tasks. 

The HG Heroku monitoring tool can be integrated into your Heroku ecosystem seamlessly. HG Herkou monitoring specializes in hosted Graphite, hosted Prometheus, and Grafana-as-a-Service. The Heroku add-on brings these open source projects to Heroku, where you can use them without having to worry about the setup, installation, maintenance and updates.

When you log in to your HG Heroku monitoring add-on you can see automatically generated Heroku dashboards. Check out what they look like here:

A preview of the auto generated Heroku Dashbaord in HostedGraphite

Hosted Graphite for Heroku App Monitoring

Heroku provides a comprehensive app development environment on cloud with many supporting languages such as Java, Node.js, Scala, Clojure, Python, PHP, and Go. To enhance the capabilities of the cloud platform, you will want to add a third party app monitoring tool such as HG Heroku monitoring

HG Heroku monitoring is built on open-source projects, and it has been used by big and small companies around the world. Hosted Graphite is a great solution to the typical difficulties people often face difficulties in setting up and maintaining the tool.

That’s why you may want to consider using a hosted service for Graphite. From initial configuration to maintenance, Hosted Graphite makes things extremely easy. With the hosted service, you can focus on monitoring your apps. This will naturally lead to faster response times, reduced maintenance costs, and improved app usability.

Graphite in action

Since we learned the strengths of hosted Graphite, let’s have an actual look at the HG Heroku monitoring tool. HG Heroku monitoring is a fantastic tool for Heroku app monitoring. As you go through, you will be able to see the powerful features of Graphite.

Preview of panels in Heroku Dashboard with different features.

Beautiful dashboards

Doing your Heroku app monitoring with Grafana dashboards is intuitive and eye-catching. HG Heroku Monitoring has built-in Grafana dashboards so you visualize your metrics in a versatile and shareable way. 

You can add many more graphs and charts in a single dashboard so that you don’t have to move around different menus. Furthermore, you can add external apps and panels such as D3 Gauge, Datatable Panel, Picturelt, Polystat, Worldmap Panel, and many more. With the plugin support, you can more efficiently monitor your app status and performance.

Insightful metrics

When you want to search specific metrics related to your Heroku app monitoring, you can easily find them using its search console. The search function supports wildcard syntax that allows you to instantly find metrics. Once you find the metrics, you can use a quick view feature to visualize the data.

Preview of the search function to search for metrics in Hosted Graphite

Alerting control

Without a fine alerting function, you can miss critical events that affect your app. Graphite provides complete alerting controls for one or multiple users. You can decide by which method you want to receive an alert. You can also attach a certain image within an alert.

Prometheus and Grafana for Heroku app monitoring

Hosted Graphite itself is powerful to monitor your app on Heroku. It comes with Grafana built in, allowing you to see all of your metrics on Hosted Grafana dashboards. However, if you want to consider more options, check out hosted Prometheus. You can use the Hosted Prometheus directly in the HG Heroku monitoring tool to improve your Heroku app monitoring. With those hosted tools, you can create thorough metrics and beautiful dashboard for your app monitoring.

Final thoughts

Graphite and Heroku both provide convenient features to manage and monitor your apps. Because Graphite is an open-source app, getting expert support plays an important role in your monitoring journey. 

HG Heroku monitoring has proven records of providing expertise to major global companies such as Salesforce, Accenture, Nielsen, and many more. With the company’s hosted solutions, you can maximize your monitoring efficiency and minimize maintenance burdens. You can use their product with simple configuration to gain in-depth insight into your Heroku app performance.

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