Logentries is a log management and analytics service, which takes log files and produces useful searchable information and statistics.

The Logentries and Hosted Graphite add-on allows you to take any metrics that Logentries extracts from your logs and then visualize these in your Hosted Graphite account.

Getting Logentries data into Hosted Graphite

To get Logentries data into Hosted Graphite follow these instructions:

  • Get a Logentries export URL from your Logentries dashboard
Logentries URL

Choose ‘Share to Hosted Graphite’ to get the Logentries data URL

  • Add the URL to your Hosted Graphite account with the Logentries add-on
Logentries UI In Hosted Graphite

Visit our add-ons page, click on the logentries card and then click the “Add Dashboard URL” button to enter your Logentries URL

  • Save the New Entry
Enter your Logentries URL

Give the link a name to remember it, enter your Logentries URL and hit “save”

  • Logentries metric data will appear in your account within 15 minutes, prefixed with “logentries.”