Hosted StatsD

What is StatsD?

StatsD is a very simple server daemon which collects data from your systems. It happily collects as much data as you want to send it, aggregates it into a few different views and intermittently flushes it out to your backend service - in this case Graphite. When you want to create a new metric, you just send it on and StatsD happily creates it.

Why use StatsD

Let’s take the example that you have a very busy site sending data everytime a user does something interesting on the site. If your site activity were to grow linearly, so would the data sent to your measurment system - and soon you might end up in a situation where you’re overwhelming it. One of the useful things StatsD can do is to sample data; by sending only a percentage of the requests you get a lot less data sent while still capturing an accurate view of the system.

Enabling Hosted StatsD

Our Hosted StatsD service is available on our Small plan and above, and is used by a variety of customers big and small. We regularly update it with the latest fixes and features from the open source project.

Enabling Hosted StatsD

By hitting “Enable StatsD” you’ll receive instructions on where to send data for your account.

Configuring StatsD Metrics

Hosted Graphite now supports filtering the raw metrics your Hosted StatsD instance produces for some of it’s metric types such as counters and timers. This allows you to hand pick only the metric views you actually use, to reduce the metric usage count for your payment plan.

To enable/disable the specific metric views you want us to store, click the Filters button on the ‘Hosted StatsD’ section of the add-ons page.

Hosted StatsD filtering

Here you will see a list of StatsD metric types and their corresponding metric views. Checking/unchecking these views will enable/disable them respectively. Click Save to save your changes.

Hosted StatsD filter list