Hosted Graphite provides a post-receive github hook, which allows you to flag when commits are added to your repos.

How to send Github commit data to Hosted Graphite

To get Github commits flagged Hosted Graphite follow these instructions:

  • Browse to your github repo, visit the ‘settings’ section, then ‘webhooks & services’
  • Under ‘Services’ click the “Add Service” button, and in ‘Available Services’ search for “Hosted Graphite”
Hosted Graphite in Github services

Select ‘Hosted Graphite’ from the “Available Services” dropdown

  • Enter your API key in the box provided
Enter your API key in the github service

Enter your API key into the github service page for Hosted Graphite

  • Hit ‘Save’. Your metrics will now appear in your metric tree as ‘github.<REPONAME>.commits’