Team Access

We offer the ability to share your account with other team members. You have the option of giving them admin access, read/write access, or restricting them to read-only access. Manage team users from within the Access section of the Hosted Graphite menu.

Inviting a Team User

Team Access

Team Access

Click the “Add a user to this Team” button to display the following dialog:

Team Access Invite

Invite a Team Member

Enter the user’s email address and choose whether they are a “Team Member” with read-only access, “Read and Write” user with the ability to control everything but the team itself, or a “Team Owner” who has all the “Read and Write” permissions plus the ability to invite and remove other invited team members. The user will receive an invitation to join your account. The invited user must use the email invitation to create an account that is properly attached to your main account.

Once the user accepts your invitation and logs in to Hosted Graphite, they will be automatically placed in the team account with access to Graphs and dashboards.

Listing Invited Users

Listing Team User

The list of your team members


It should go without saying that you should only invite someone you trust to view the account. If you’ve accidentally invited someone you no longer trust, you can delete them by clicking the “Remove User” button.

Removing a Team User

Removing a user from your team

After pressing the “Yes, Remove” button, the user will be removed from your team.