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Hosted StatsD

Simple StatsD hosting at scale

Add StatsD metrics to your applications with a one-liner.

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# StatsD makes it easy!

Monitoring with StatsD

StatsD with minimal code

With a wide range of client libraries and plugins, StatsD is a cinch to get started

Advanced Filtering

Pick the StatsD data views you want to see (mean, lower, upper, median, sum, percentiles), and discard the rest.

Unprecedented Scale

We collect billions of datapoints a day.

Data Expiry

Use simple rules to clear out data you don't need to keep forever.


Email, Slack, and webhook alert notifications when your metrics do something noteworthy.

Secure transmission

TLS-encrypted endpoints for all data interfaces.

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# Pricing

All plans come with high-resolution data.

  • Custom Retention
  • 5s Resolution
  • Unlimited Alerts
  • Millions of Metrics
  • Unlimited Team Users
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$599 / mo
  • 2 Year Retention
  • 5s Resolution
  • 150 Alerts
  • 30,000 Metrics
  • 15+ Team Users
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$99 / mo
  • 2 Year Retention
  • 5s Resolution
  • 30 Alerts
  • 5,000 Metrics
  • 5 Team Users
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$19 / mo
  • 2 Year Retention
  • 5s Resolution
  • 3 Alerts
  • 100 Metrics
  • 2 team users
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These price plans don't suit you? Check out our smaller plans.

All of our plans come with alerting, high resolution data, redundant storage, team access, Grafana dashboards, custom data views, Hosted StatsD, and plenty of useful integrations.

Enterprise Graphite - Need more metrics? We provide bulk discounts for larger customers.
We have customers sending us tens of millions of metrics, and growing every day.
We are happy to discuss a custom plan for your needs, no matter how large.

Contact us at sales@hostedgraphite.com.

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"Been playing with #Graphite on @HostedGraphite this weekend. Great stuff. Love how easy it is to graph random data!"

Viktor Petersson

"@HostedGraphite Thanks! Great to work with you guys. All of our graphs are powered by your service. Would be blind without it!"


"@HostedGraphite Thanks for the super fast reply, great support!"

Matthew Moore

"Gotta say, the support from @HostedGraphite is pretty nice :-)"

Jeppe Nejsum Madsen

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