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HipChat web panel

HipChat Alerting

Alerts and Graphs shared directly to your HipChat channels.

Hosted Graphite's HipChat integration allows you to control your alerts directly from the channel. See unusual patterns as they happen, and keep your whole team informed.

What else can it do?

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Full-featured Alerting for Graphite

Alert from complex metrics

Use the power of graphite functions to build useful criteria and receive alerts when your data metric crosses a threshold or suddenly stops reporting. No need to run Seyren or Cabot for Graphite alerting.

Custom notifications

Get immediate information via Email, Pagerduty, HipChat or Slack - including embedded graph images. Get ahead of an incident before your customers are affected.

Track issue timelines

See the full history of when your issues began. Overlay automatic alert annotations on your graphs for deeper context.

# Benefits and Features

With our standard Hosted Graphite Benefits

Collect metrics easily and at scale

Send your data to us via your favourite programming language or library and see them on Grafana Dashboards. We process billions of datapoints a day and organize your metrics with advanced data views and filtering.

Integrate with the tech you already use

Data collection made simple - with ready made integrations for Amazon Web Services Monitoring, CollectD, Heroku, Github, StatsD, New Relic, StatusPage, Pingdom and more, you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Work with your team

Share graphs and dashboards with your team, or control access with granular dashboard permissions. Hide or share specific dashboards from individual users or teams or verify access using Active Directory.

Annotate important events

How does that new deploy affect your server error rate? Annotate your continuous integration tools, Github, Pingdom, PagerDuty and more events onto your data. Build custom events easily for added context and correlate changes to outages.

# We keep customers happy

We treat our customers like friends

"Major Props to @hostedgraphite. They are affordable, their support is always *super* responsive & helpful, and they just added Grafana"

Martin Cozzi

"@HostedGraphite Thanks! Great to work with you guys. All of our graphs are powered by your service. Would be blind without it!"


"Thank you @HostedGraphite, you made me and my team look really good."

Justin Self

"Metrics! We want more metrics! Just subscribed to @HostedGraphite to store our thousands of metrics"

Pascal Soucy

Start your FREE 14 day trial

No credit card required - prices start at $19 per month.

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