Sending a metric via HTTP POST

  1. Open Postman.

  2. Create a new request, set its type to POST and its URL to

    Postman Step 2
  3. Go to the Authorization tab. For the authorization type select Basic Auth. In the username field, enter your Hosted Graphite API key.

    Postman Step 3
  4. Go to the Body tab. Select raw, and enter a datapoint for your metric (you can send multiple datapoints as long as they are on separate lines). You may also include an optional Unix timestamp with your datapoint. A datapoint has the following parameters: <metricName> <value> <optionalTimestamp>

    Postman Step 4
  5. Click the Send button to send your datapoint. When your datapoint has been sent successfully, you will receive a response with status 202 Accepted.

    Postman Step 5

Your API key can be found on your account home page.