Local Dashboard Integration

Dashboards come standard with all Hosted Graphite plans which is accessible through the Hosted Graphite app.

If you have a local installation of dashboards and wish to use Hosted Graphite as a data source, here’s how:

Allow permission to access your Hosted Graphite data with an Access Key

In the Hosted Graphite App menu, click on Access and select Access Keys. Click on Add Access Key in the upper right-hand corner. Give your Access Key a name and select Graphite (this will give the external application access to the Graphite data).

Add new access key form

Add a New Access Key Form

Access keys list

Access keys list

Copy the Access Key URL and read more details about Access Keys here.

Adding the Hosted Graphite Data Source to Your Local Dashboard Instance

data source management page

Data Source Management Page

In the Primary Dashboard menu go to Data Sources, then in the Data Sources page click on Add Data Source.

Add data source form

Add Data Source Form

Give your Data Source a name (type is Graphite). Paste the Access Key in the URL box. Then click Save & Test.

Note: Checking the default box will make the Hosted Graphite data source the primary data source when entering metric queries.

More information about Graphite Data Sources are documented here.

Create a new Dashboard or Panel to start rendering your Hosted Graphite Metrics


Select your new Hosted Graphite data source and enter a metric query.