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What it's like to work here

This is not a comfortable corporate environment, but then there aren't any TPS reports or middle managers either. You'll have a large amount of autonomy and will be working on real problems affecting our customers from the very first day. You can have a dramatic, satisfying impact on your career, our customers, the product and the company here. Our team is supportive and caring – we're interested in your career development and we want you to learn new skills.

Our Office

We’re a partially remote team but most of us work from the office on William Street South in Dublin 2. The office fills two floors, as well as a roof terrace with views over the city. Just around the corner are a huge selection of restaurants and shops. We like being in the centre of the city and have no plans to move.

Health Insurance
Cover for you and your family (or gym membership if you'd prefer)

Flexible Hours
Flexible working hours with the opportunity to work from home regularly

Time Off
25 days paid holiday, one day off after every on-call shift (plus 9 public holidays)

Office Perks
Fully stocked kitchen, occasional meals and nights out with the team

We're open about how we do things and share what we know

We're sensitive to diversity issues (and we take this seriously)

Day 1 Deployments
You’ll be given the responsibility to tackle tough projects right from your first day

No Name Tags
We're too small for that! We try to be a bit more caring and a bit less corporate

Open Positions

Come join us. We’re hiring for the following positions now:

Software Engineering Internship

Hosted Graphite is a Software-as-a-Service version of the popular Graphite open source metric and monitoring software, and we have customers all over the world. We provide a metrics platform to developers to allow them to measure the health and performance of their websites, applications and servers. Companies send large amounts of metric data to us (more than one million events per second!), which we store, graph and display on visual dashboards - we let companies cut through the noise and see what's actually happening in their applications and on their servers.

Some of the tech we use: Python, Django, CSS/HTML, Javascript, Erlang, Riak, Linux, Puppet, Angular.js, Redis, ... it's sort of an endless list, but those are the main ones.

What you'd learn with us

We're looking for capable students that can help with either or both of:

  • Back-end engineering, reliability and automation
  • Front end UI and design

As a member of the development team here, you'd be working on building new features that our users are asking for, fixing bugs in existing features, helping answer the odd support request (because all developers here do that from time to time) and working with our SRE team to get your new stuff deployed safely.

Don't worry if you don't know the tech we work with because we have a long history of taking on people who haven't worked with any of the tech we use and they've done fantastically well here. We look for really nice, very sharp people that we want to work with, and then we look for the tech skills.

Here's what you're going to learn if you choose to do a software engineering internship with us:

  • Investigating bugs in complicated distributed systems using metrics, logs, and plain old detective work.
  • Planning a change to our code or designing a new system, and how to make good decisions about when a fix is going to last or if it's just a band-aid.
  • Writing tests for your code, and using a continuous integration tool that automatically runs all your tests every time you change something.
  • How to prepare your code for a critical review by your peers, and handling their constructive criticism.
  • How to give a code review - after a while you'll be examining your colleagues' code too, and helping them make theirs better.
  • Deploying safely to a very busy production environment.
  • Designing fixes for problems spread across hundreds of servers. Your code isn't just going to run in one place, and we'll teach you the tricks of how you make sure it still works under intense pressure.

Oh crap, that's a lot of work

That might sound like a serious amount of work, and it is, but you'll have a lot of help to do it. We don't expect you to come in and just know how to do everything, so we'll be guiding you until you feel confident to fly on your own. You'll have an experienced developer assigned to be your mentor for the whole internship, and they'll be helping you with technical problems and non-technical problems, nudging you in the right direction all the time. If you're doing something risky, they'll let you know and suggest ways to safely take that risk. If you're nervous or lost at any point, you can ask them for help, and they'll check in with you often.

Why you should do your internship with us

We know the only thing you’re missing as an intern is experience. That’s why if you join our team as a software developer intern, your title is Junior Software Engineer. Under the guidance of an experienced mentor, you’ll start deploying changes to the production environment right from the first day. Many of us got our start as interns in startups, so we know how valuable an experience this can be and how to make sure you learn as much as possible. Our intent is that by the end of it, you’ll be a capable software engineer with enough relevant experience to walk into a software job anywhere.

Our experience of having been interns at other companies is that you're often sat down in a corner and told to read some manuals for a few days to learn about what they do, and then you're given a large "intern project" where they're happy to hand something less important to an intern. Some of us have been through that and didn't enjoy it. Instead, we trust you with real work that has an impact on our customers right away.

Joining a small startup in its early days can be chaotic at times, but it offers challenges and opportunities that aren’t available in larger companies. We are so small and have so much work to do that we have no choice but to trust you with real and rewarding tasks. If you like the sound of a relaxed working environment that trusts you with challenging work, we’d love to hear from you.

We're not like other companies

Yeah yeah, they all say that, but here's the proof:

  • We teach our staff how to get a pay rise - something hard to find at another company, or in your career at all.
  • We care about all kinds of diversity, and we've written about exactly how we put it into action here and here.
  • Any new person joining our dev team, experienced or junior, deploys a change to our production environment on the first day. (With lots of support and guidance, of course!)

Location and hours

You'll be in our bright, spacious office in Dublin 2. We have views over the city centre, many good lunch and transport options nearby.

Our working hours are typically 1000-1800, but it varies by person. Not a morning person? No problem. Keen to leave early some days to get to a train? No problem, let's talk about that and work something out.

Salary and benefits

  • Salary equivalent of €28,650 per year.
  • Regular nights out and meals to celebrate company events - such as you joining us!
  • Working out of our bright penthouse office in Dublin city centre, with views across the city.
  • Your workspace includes a Macbook Air and a big external monitor.
  • Free coffee, snacks, and sometimes even icecream.

How to apply

Tell about why your skills, experience and personality make you a good fit. If you want to submit a CV, make sure it's in a txt or pdf file. We'd like to see some of your code, but it's not essential.

No ninjas, rockstars, or brogrammers, please - just nice caring humans.

Hey, recruitment companies! Sorry, we don't work with recruiters, so please don't contact us.

Link directly to this position.

Don’t see a role that fits?

We’re always happy to hear from talented people. Get in touch and we'll keep you in mind for future opportunities:

No ninjas, rockstars or brogrammers, please; just nice, caring humans.

We don't work with recruitment agencies.

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