Grafana now available on Hosted Graphite!

July 22, 2014

While Graphite is a wonderful data store for your time-series data, the default dashboard option is a little… nineties. In the last few months, an early version of a fantastic Graphite-compatible dashboard based on Kibana called Grafana has been released. We’ve been watching it closely - new dashboards for Graphite come and go, and sadly most of the dashboard maintainers get bored and abandon their projects or consider them ‘finished’.

Torkel, the creator of Grafana, looks to be moving towards working on Grafana full-time which is a fantastic benefit for the not just the Graphite community, but for anyone interested in monitoring their tech. Thanks Torkel!

We’re very pleased to announce that Hosted Grafana dashboards are now available on Hosted Graphite for Beta testers to tinker with. We’ve been using them ourselves for quite a while, and we think that this is one of the best developments to come out of the open source community in quite some time. We’re going to continue supporting the Grafana project in whatever capacity we can, and look forward to seeing the improvements yet to come.

Get access to the beta!

If you want access to the beta - tweet that you’re using Grafana on Hosted Graphite, using this link (It won’t tweet without your consent, it just pre-populates the tweet box). 

Charlie von Metzradt

Co-founder of Hosted Graphite, Software Engineer, huge nerd.

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