Hosted Graphite

About Hosted Graphite

What is Hosted Graphite?

We're providing scalable hosting of the popular graphing software Graphite. We provide a simple way to get your data into Graphite such as Hosted StatsD, and take away the headaches associated with installing, maintaining, and backing up your graph data - letting you get on with real work.

Who uses Graphite?

We provide Graphite services for customers ranging from individual developers to big brand-name companies sending large volumes of data. Try our free trial to get started with Hosted Graphite in minutes.

  • DashBoards

    Standard Graphite and Tasseo dashboards out of the box

  • Access Keys

    Export data to external monitoring systems, dashboards and alerting systems

  • Language Agnostic

    Wide availability of plugins, sample code, and client libraries

  • Hosted StatsD

    Timing, gauges, and sampling - the measurement daemon of giants

  • World-class Support

    We're only happy if you're happy!

  • High-resolution
    data collection

    Real-time views of your systems

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Who's in charge here?

Charlie and Dave have been working together for several years on various projects. Get in touch!

Charlie von Metzradt


Dublin, Ireland. @omgtbh

Dave Concannon


Oakland, California. @daveconcannon